The situation in Hong Kong – To act? or to ignore?

We have been implementing 3-colored recycling bin system in Hong Kong for more than 20 years.

We have been building Green Community Stations in muliple districts.

We have been educating people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Do people know that they should protect our planet and recycle?

Yes, most people are well aware of it.

Yet figures don’t lie, most people just simply don’t act.

Maintaining a habit of reduce, reuse and recycling is hard.

If past methods didn’t work..

We need new solutions.

Our Mission

With a mission to alleviate the recycling crisis.

GrinBean is a Hong Kong-based science and engineering team formed by recent graduates and students from the University of Hong Kong. We work on technological solutions to enhance the recycling and recovery of materials, to close and slow the loops.

We believe that our next-generation deserves the same rights as we have today to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Our Team


Software Development Lead

Engineering Science Student, HKU


Hardware Development Lead

Mechanical Engineering Graduate, HKU


Business Development Lead

Science Graduate, HKU

Our Initiative – The First Step

GrinBean provides technological solutions to enhance the recycling and recovery of materials at the community level.

We design recycling machines and develop sensing technologies including artificial intelligence to achieve automated sorting of recyclables and filtering of inbound contamination.